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A little bit about us . . .

We'd like to take this chance to introduce ourselves and give a bit of our history. We are a mother and daughter team. Kayla (the daughter) and Kathy (the mother). We both love animals - Kayla has had a dog in her life (a malteese X and then shelties) since she was a small baby and Kathy always loved cats being owned by one for the better part of her life. So its not surprising this story begins with a catů

Kayla had this wonderful domestic cat - Charisma. A very pretty diluted calico - blue, cream and white - with flowing long hair but she was shy around people. Having visited cat shows as spectators a number of times and really enjoyed looking at all the different cats, Kayla came up with the idea that perhaps she could show Charisma, hoping that it might bring her out of her shell. To make a long story short, the next cat show that was held in Victoria Charisma was entered and she not only came out of her shy shell but thrived. She was a real star and within two years had surpassed anyone's expectations, becoming the #1 Household Pet in Western Canada. We were having a lot of fun and making a ton of new friends with exactly the same interests as us. Next thing we knew we were busy looking at the pedigree cats in a different way and wondering which breed we would like to have.

Then Charming Sunkist Harmony (a red tabby Devon Rex male) came along. Our minds were totally made up. The Devon Rex won our hearts, took over our home and our lives. Soon came Lily (a silver tabby female) to be Harmony's "wife" and the rest is history - well almost. We were fortunate enough to meet a good friend who is an American Shorthair breeder with wonderful breed lines and beautiful cats and we strengthened our gene pool by introducing those American lines into the mix. This has been very successful for us and produced many Grand Champions. We are extremely proud of our cats and how much love Devon Joi cats and kittens have given to their new families.

Ten years later, Kathy met and fell in love with a Sphynx. Kayla had some reservations about those cats. No hair! Are you serious! Lady Godiva came out of California after a year of waiting and doing research. Island Joi Cattery came to fruition! Lady was bred to an almost hairless Devon Rex and along came Nofurr (Island Joi's Bare Fur U) who won Kayla over in no time at all. His monkey like antics and his loving personality had her hook, line and sinker. He did very well in the show ring and now is enjoying his retirement. His son Rai Sins (Rai Sins Lyk Dad) then took over and they both have become #1 Cat in Western Canada Region respectively.

Now with both Devon Rex and Sphynx running our household, things get a bit crazy from time to time. The Devons love to do the thinking and the Sphynx love to do the monkey business. There is endless entertainment and fun. Both breeds are very people oriented and loyal family members. All the kittens are hand raised in our home environment and with the help of our extended family they get a lot of attention and affection before leaving to go to their new homes.

We are also fortunate enough to be in a position where we have adopted a few other pedigree and domestic cats and foster an occasional pedigree rescue. Our greatest thrill is being able to see the joy brought to folks who are owned by a Devon Joi or Island Joi cat or kitten.

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Kathy and Kayla Irmscher