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Available Devon Rex Kittens, Retirees, and Other Cats

So, just who is available? First, we do have waiting lists for our kittens. We closely scrutinize new prospective homes and believe in being there for you for the life of our kittens. We take great pride in our babies and enjoy all the "extended" family members we adopt when our kittens are placed.

Second, we no longer ship cats or kittens due to the new airline regulations; however, you can fly out and get your new companion or we will deliver to Vancouver or northern WA. We will meet you but we ask that you pay an additional $150 to help cover ferry costs and gas.

Please feel free to browse through the different pages in our "available" section. We've divided the section into three pages. The kittens page includes any Devon Rex kittens that we currently have as well as information on upcoming litters. Since we do have waiting lists many of the babies are already spoken for, but some may not be. Also, from time to time, we have older kittens available. In some situations an older kitten or cat may be a better choice for you. In any case, please visit the pages and see pictures of the sweet wee ones growing up.

The second page is the retirees section. In this section you will find retired purebreds that have been in our program and are now looking for forever homes. Retirees are older cats that are past their crazy kitten antics and may be a good choice for you if you are away from home all day or want to have a calmer companion that is past the kitten phase.

The third page is dedicated to rescues (both mixed and purebred cats). We actively participate in rescue as we feel it is an important task, particularly when you take on the responsibility of breeding. We sometimes have purebred rescues (of different breeds) and domestic cats. Feel free to contact us regarding the rescues we have.

If you would like to have your name placed on our waiting list for a Devon Rex or are interested in a rescue or retiree, drop us an email telling us a bit about yourself.

Contact Kathy or Kayla at