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This gallery features pictures of our babies that have been adopted and live with their new families. Your get a sense of how diverse our extended family is.

We hope you enjoy this section. It is always so nice to hear about our babies in their new homes and see pictures from the proud new parents. Of course, not everyone is included in this gallery; however, we hope this section gives you an idea of "life with a Devon Joi" baby.

Champion Devon Joi's What's Brewing


DOB - March 1, 2001
Sire: Charming Sunkist Harmony
Dam: Devon Joi's Hakuna Matata

Brew is owned by Micheline and Bob Scott and lives in Winnipeg, MB.

Micheline writes - " Our devon, Brew, is one of the most fascinating cats I've ever had. A truly loving and affectionate disposition with that little wild streak. Whether he's racing into the room or around the house, because for him life is full of play, like hide and seek, fetch, chase and all sorts of other things. He carries things around the house, everything from twist ties to fuzzy mice, even his leash to the door so he can sit outside for a bit. He's forever amusing himself and has become the best fly swatter I've ever had! He loves to cuddle and find whatever jacket or blanket is around to cozy up in if my lap isn't available. If I could have a dozen of him I'd be ecstatic. "

Grand Champion Devon Joi's Reflective Prism


DOB - April 7, 2001
Sire: Devon Joi's Earising Son
Dam: Grand Champion Devon Joi's Spit N Fire

Prism had only one litter of kittens and was then retired. She was a very good mom but seemed to enjoy living with her Maine Coon friends rather than spend a lot of time being a mom. You can see some of her kittens below (Smeagol, Quark, Froddo and Phantom). Prism now lives with our good friend Gillian Huber here in Victoria. Prism was 3rd Best Kitten in Western Canada Region for 2001-2002 season.

Prism has started off the new show season with a wonderful win in Winnipeg She Finaled in 5 out of 8 rings and took Best Alter in one of those. Her daughter Devon Joi's Phantom Fury took Best kitten in show on Sunday and is now living in Winnipeg along with her brother.

Devon Joi's Smeagol


DOB - February 10, 2002
Sire: Grand Champion Devon Joi's The Real McCoy
Dam: Grand Champion Devon Joi's Reflective Prism

Smeagol lives in Winnipeg, MB with Jill Lockery. Smeagol is a very spoiled cat, going with Jill on many outings. He adores his mom and his "brother" Harry - a Puli dog.

Devon Joi's Quark


DOB - February 10, 2002
Sire: Grand Champion Devon Joi's The Real McCoy
Dam: Grand Champion Devon Joi's Reflective Prism

Quark lives with his new adopted "father" in Winnipeg, Manitoba and is very happy. He is very happy as an only cat and enjoys great play time with his father.

Champion Devon Joi's Phantom Fury


DOB - February 10, 2002
Sire: Grand Champion Devon Joi's The Real McCoy
Dam: Grand Champion Devon Joi's Reflective Prism

Phantom and Frodo are owned by Norm, Mariette and their daughter Natasha and lives in Winnipeg, MB.

Mariette writes - "Phantom is a shy two-year-old Smokey Black Devon girl who adores her bigger brother Frodo. They live together with Norm and Mariette and their daughter Natasha in Winnipeg where they are spoiled and coddled. Phantom likes string type toys and will chase and jump as long as her human friends will play with her. She also enjoys playing fetch for hours at a time. She loves to sleep in any cozy warm spot she can find but mostly ON one of her adopted humans. Her favorite flavor is chicken and will remind everyone in the house when it is feeding time! If she is not served just the right food for her discriminating "craving of the day" she will try to bury it which has the family in stitches."

Champion Devon Joi's Frodo


DOB - February 10, 2002
Sire: Grand Champion Devon Joi's The Real McCoy
Dam: Grand Champion Devon Joi's Reflective Prism

Mariette writes - "Frodo is our two-year-old McTabby Devon boy, who adores playing hide'n seek with Natasha. Being big brother to Phantom, he loves to play the bullying role - especially when he wants to get into the basket they share for naps. If Phantom is napping, he will start to "not so gently" grooming her until a nip on her ears sends her scooting out of the coveted basked. She will then act the part of the insulted victim for only a few moments before going back to her brother and playing upon his basically sweet personality. She will then snuggle her way back into the basket for a nice little snooze. They can also play some wild games of tag running all over the sleeping humans in the middle of the night and finally sitting on them when it is time for their six a.m. feeding. They have them trained just right! And we wouldn't have it any other way! "

Champion Devon Joi's Cajun Spice

"Spice Girl"

DOB - October 11, 1999
Sire: Champion Charming Sunkist Harmony
Dam: Devon Joi's Hakuna Matata

She was adopted by a young girl in Seattle who had some serious allergies and she is having a wonderful life being spoiled. She was the #4 Canada Region top kitten about 4 years ago.

Island Joi's Shy Anne

"Shy Ann"

DOB - February 28, 2000
Sire: Catshack's Bogus
Dam: Catshack's Miss Mamie Sue

She lives with a family here in Victoria now and loves to travel and go camping with them.

Devon Joi's Ashanti


DOB - January 9, 2003
Sire: Grand Champion Devon Joi's The Real McCoy
Dam: Grand Champion Devon Joi's Spit'N Fire

This is Devon Joi's Ashanti and she now lives in Monroe, Washington with a little boy named Clay.

Grand Champion Devon Joi's Spit'N Image


DOB - January 9, 2003
Sire: Grand Champion Devon Joi's The Real McCoy
Dam: Grand Champion Devon Joi's Spit'N Fire

Our little Miss Eve L is now a Grand Champion and she did it in two shows with finals to spare! Congrats to Ary.

Arwyn is owned by Josh and Melissa Bachynski of London, ON. Arwyn has gotten Melissa hooked on cat shows, especially after winning "nearly best of the best" at our Victoria cat show in October.

Melissa writes - "Arwyn (aka Miss Eve L) is simply the single best little creature we've ever had share our life. We've had quite a few fur kids, but Arwyn is such a character. For years I put off getting a Devon, feeling I should be rescuing, but when Josh developed cat allergies we decided to look for a Devon. From the moment she came off the plane I regretted not getting a Devon sooner. She is a constant source of joy and an amazing companion. As a bonus, when we got Arwyn, I met two of the nicest people. I can't say enough about Kathy and Kayla. I've dealt with many breeders in my life and they (Kathy and Kayla) are the best! Not only as breeders, but simply as wonderful people and two amazing friends!"

Island Joi's Fur B Gone


DOB - June 10, 2002
Sire: Diva's Mister Uniqua
Dam: Jesanosqtees Gypsie of Devon Joi

He has gone to live in Fort McMurray, Alberta with new parents that had lost a male Sphynx and were heartbroken about it. He was initially going into our breeding program but Q is his father so we thought that he would enjoy a home of his own. He appears to be adjusting very well and is very happy to have one other Sphynx to live with in his new home

Grand Champion Devon Joi's Wildfire


DOB - March 3, 2000
Sire: Devon Joi's Captain Tornado
Dam: Grand Champion Devon Joi's Spit N Fire.

Kindle has gone to live with Everal Cutt and Robert Attrill and her new feline sisters. She now lives in a wonderful natural cabin in northern British Columbia and is adjusting very well. One of her favourite spots already is curled up next to Bob on the couch. She settled in immediately and they love her already and refer to her as "sweetheart". I guess she won't be coming back but Kayla misses her.

Devon Joi's Calvin
Devon Joi's Hobbes

"Calvin and Hobbes"

DOB - August 3, 2003
Sire: Devon Joi's Captain Tornado
Dam: Grand Champion Devon Joi's Liberty Oh

Calvin and Hobbes live in Winnipeg, Manitoba with Mary and Peter and their three children, Aaron, Nick and Rachel.

"For a family with some allergy problems, they are a wish come true. Calvin, the cream tabby, and Hobbes, the red tabby, love to sleep under the covers with the kids every bedtime. Although, they have a tendency to sniff their faces in the middle of the night. Calvin absolutely loves showers. You can count on him to be on the tub edge for every household shower. Sometimes, he ventures in! Now Hobbes loves to play and attack. He really likes to go after the kids pencils as they do homework. When they are tired of attack and chase games, they love to snuggle in anyone's lap. They are a treasure to have. Thank you, Kathy and Kayla." - Mary

Champion Island Joi's Lady Godiva


DOB - June 9, 1998
Sire: Belfry Van Moriskin
Dam: Koofoo Gelflinka

Lady has gone to live with Carrie and Martin of Vancouver, BC. Lady is adjusting wonderfully to her new life and even tolerates the Greyhound, Nemesis, and the Standard Poodle, Chia. She has taken to Carrie, which we know, as she spends her time cleaning Carrie's hair.

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