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This gallery features pictures of our babies that have been adopted and live with their new families. Your get a sense of how diverse our extended family is.

We hope you enjoy this section. It is always so nice to hear about our babies in their new homes and see pictures from the proud new parents.Of course, not everyone is included in this gallery; however, we hope this section gives you an idea of "life with a Devon Joi" baby

Devon Joi's Lil' Titan


DOB - November 13, 2003
Sire: Grand Champion Devon Joi's The Real McCoy
Dam: Pidgey of Devon Joi

Aiden lives with Jay Stewart in Winnipeg, MB. He's a very strong Devon Rex, noticable when its time to play; ie: trying to trip Jay as they chase each other around the house or beating up his little brother Kale, who is also a devon, usually for waking him up from a nap. Aiden enjoys eating, sleeping, napping, bird watching.. all the normally things that cats are good at doing, but especially enjoys the chasing game with Jay. His favorite place to sleep is on the top of the TV, soaking in the heat and doing his share of house hold duties by keeping dust on the TV to a minimum. Aiden show's in altered category, the last show being Olympia, WA, in Nov '05. Placing 5 times out of a possible 8, "2nd" being his best placing.

Hopip of Devon Joi



This is Pip and she is reading Will and Ariel Durant's History of Civilization on the patio in sunny California. A very cultured girl! Pip lives with Joyce and Elson Irwin.

May Alice of Island Joi

"May Alice"

DOB - Sept 21, 1998
Sire: Catshack's Bad Kid
Dam: Catshack's Myrtle.
Breeder: Sheila King

May Alice is Raisin's Mom - Raisin was her only kitten. She was spayed and has recently gone to live with Jill Lockery in Winnipeg. May Alice now has a forever family, with Jill, Harry the dog and Smeagol (above). We're very happy May Alice is now one of few and gets lots of love and attention from her new family.

Grand Champion Devon Joi's The Real McCoy


DOB - May 13, 2000
Sire: Champion Charming Sunkist Harmony
Dam: Devon Joi's Lil Bel

Bandit got his call name because when he was small before he got all of his black fur in he looked like he had black rings around his eyes and so one of the grandchildren started to call him "Bandit" and it stuck. He loved the show ring because of the attention he gets. Bandit has been retired and gone to live with Lori to enjoy life as a spoiled king.

Springer Spaniel of Nana's House


DOB - May 11, 2003
Breed: Household pet

Puppy, as she is known, no longer lives with us. She belongs to (granddaughter and niece) Talisa who now lives with her father. Puppy was found on the streets in Olympia, Washington as a small kitten and even at her early age had learned a lot of "street smarts" which she uses in her household to get her own way. It works wonders with Talisa! Puppy got her name because she looks a lot like a Spaniel as you can see from her picture. She adores Talisa and is now getting a lot of attention from Talisa's father, Kirby, as well. She truly believes that she is "queen of the castle" and she rules. She is soon to have a new little brother to boss around though as Talisa has talked her father into letting her have another kitten for company for Puppy. Puppy has done very well so far in her show career and she has now earned the title of Supreme Household Pet and truly feels she deserves the title.

Island Joi's Leap of Faith


DOB - Sept 7, 2004
Sire: Grand Champion Island Joi's Rai Sins Lyk Dad
Dam: Crystal Blu of Island Joi

Spike lives with Josh and Melissa in London, ON with "sisters" Arwyn and Phoenix, and his dog Gambit. Melissa decided to try "one of those funny cats" as she was looking for someone else to show with Arwyn. Josh protested lightly as Arwyn is his "princess" and he's a Devon lover through and through. But Spike is impossible not to love.

Melissa writes: "Spike is such a wonderful boy. He loves everyone in the world and insists that everyone he meets will love a Sphynx. We love taking him for car rides and out to meet people. Sphynx are definitely a unique cat... or should I say monkey. I'm looking forward to showing Spike and sharing such a special boy."

Devon Joi's Madame Hooch


DOB - Feb 28, 2005
Sire: Gr. Ch. Devon Joi's the Real McCoy
Dam: Champion Takhlakh's Betsy Ross

Madame Hooch lives with Mr. Bo Jangles and Roseanne in Victoria, BC. Although she is straight coated she has all the personality of a Devon with the "torti-tude" to boot. Roseanne tells us that Hooch looks at you as if to say “Do you love me? Then give me a cookie! Now!”

Devon Joi's Mr. Bo Jangles


DOB - Feb 28, 2005
Sire: Gr. Ch. Devon Joi's the Real McCoy
Dam: Champion Takhlakh's Betsy Ross

We had to share Roseanne's poem about Jangles:
This is Mr. Bo Jangles:
He’s a cool cat.
He likes layin’ down
But he’s not lazy
Big on chowin’ down
He’s so crazy
Sometimes he’s a bit of a pooch
Sneaks up on his sister Madame Hooch
He likes to play with balls
(But not his own)
In the kitchen and the halls
If he had one he’d chew on a bone
He plays attack my feet
And he’s tuff to beat
Also likes to drink from the tap
That’s a rap!

Devon Joi's Lil' Squirt


Sire: Grand Champion Devon Joi's II Part Harmony
Dam: Pidgey of Devon Joi

Kale lives with Jay Stewart in Winnipeg, MB. He also has a big bother devon rex 'Adien'. Kale is a very typical kitten, playing non-stop, bouncing off everything and being very cute when the situation calls for it. He enjoys very much trying to beat up Aiden, key word being 'trying', seeing that Kale is half of Aiden's size and weight. He loves to cuddle and is quite the adventure' going on and/or in everything he finds. He can usually be found playing with toy's or even things that are not even there, it may have been a peice of lint, we'll never know. Kale's very active and vocal, he's still trying to figure out what to do when Aiden and Jay run around chasing each other. Kale will show in altered when he's of age, he showed in Olympia WA, in Nov '05, kitten category, placing 6 times out of a possible 8, "BEST KITTEN" in the specialty ring having been his best placing.

Devon Joi's Ebony Rosa Milagro


Ebony is owned by Marcy Chipping. Mary writes, "This little beauty is a Devon Rex tortoiseshell girl with big golden green eyes. Her nick-name is OTTER Kaat as she LOVES water in any form. Her real name is 'Ebony' Rosa Milagro but we call her Ebony for short. She lives with her best friend Marcy in Vancouver and goes for regular 'walks' in her carrier .She also has a stroller for warmer weather from our Beloved predecessor - Moira Playful, inquisitive and a real little Dynamo is her signature - good things really do come in small packages .She is a very loving kitten -born in Victoria June 29, 2008. Gratitude to Dale from the Yukon for making my 'purrfect' little miracle possible!!"

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