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Grand-daughter Rylee and Raisin

Some links we'd like to share...

There is a treasure trove of knowledge and people on the internet. From information on cats and clubs to just plain fun sites. From information on health and feeding to companies willing to do work for you. The links below are just sampling of what we have found over the years. We realize there are tons of sites out there, and this list is just meant to be a starting point. We've included sites we have found helpful over the years as well as links to products we use or have used in the past.

Cat Organizations:

Island Cat Fanciers Society
The Island Cat Fanciers Society is our local cat club we belong to, located in Victoria, B.C. Visit the site and see pictures from past shows and members cats.

The American Cat Fanciers Association
The American Cat Fanciers Association is the body we show our cats in. Its a great place to start learning about cats and cat shows.

Raw-Feeding Info:

Blak Katz Cattery
Breeder of American Shorthairs and long time raw feeder. If you are interested in feeding your cat raw we highly recommend her book which can be bought on her site.

Raw-feeding Myths and Info for Cats
Another great site with information on feeding your cat raw food. This site includes common myths associated with raw diets and some tips for switching your cat to raw.

Kasie's Raw Food Switch for Cats
This site gives great advice and tactics for switching your cat to raw if they are kibble-addicts.

Cat Nutrition
Another wonderful site with information on cat nutrition.

Mystre Bengals' Photo Guide to Making Raw
This page shows how simple it is to make a basic raw diet. The photos and video are a great guide to first-time raw feeders.

Some food products we use and recommend:

Urban Carnivore
The home page for Urban Carnivore, a frozen whole prey raw food. Urban is one of the brands we feed.

Spring Meadows Pet Food
Spring Meadows Pet Food is another frozen whole prey raw food that some of our kitten-owners use. It is similar to Urban Carnivore, but offers some different protein sources.

Arusha Pet Foods
The home page for Arusha Pet Foods. It's a wonderful frozen raw food the cats love.

Ziwipeak Pet Food
The home page for Ziwipeak Pet Foods. If you cannot feed raw, we recommend using a dehydrated raw food such as Ziwipeak. These types of foods have many (but not all) of the raw-food benefits while offering the convenience of traditional kibble and canned foods.

Addiction Pet Foods
The home page for Addiction Pet Foods. Another dehydrated food similar to Ziwipeak. Addiction has more veggies, but is another option for your pet.

Natural Balance
The home page for Natural Balance pet foods.

Health Info:

The Winn Feline Foundation
The Winn Feline Foundation is a non-profit organization, affiliated with The Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc., which supports health related studies into medical problems affecting cats. Projects funded by The Winn Feline Foundation have provided much of the information that is used every day in all aspects of feline veterinary medicine.

The American Association of Feline Practitioners
The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) is a professional organization of veterinarians who share an interest in providing excellence in the care and treatment of cats. The AAFP publishes guidelines for practice excellence and you can find vaccination guidelines on this site.

Devon Sites:

Planet Devon
Planet Devon is a great place to see tons of pictures of Devon Rex and learn about the breed. It also features a mailing list with many Devon Rex owners that are members.

The Devon Mine Site
A fabulous page on Devons with wonderful pictures and information.

Rex Are Cats Cattery
Good friends and fellow Devon breeders.

And for the dog lover...

The Bark Park: Monitored Off-Leash Indoor Dog Park, Spa, and Daycare in Vancouver BC
Looking for a safe and dry place to take your dog in Vancouver? The Bark Park boasts over 4500 sqft of park space, monitored by experienced staff, for you to take your dog and let them play off-leash. They also provide canine services such as dog grooming, dog photography, and dog food and other retail services.

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