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Devon Joi's Lone Star


Date of Birth: May 19th, 2008
Sire: Devon Jois P Parker
Dam: Snow moon Rising of Devonjoi

Logan, Luna's solo baby from her last litter has done well in his show career but has proven to be an escape artist when it comes to flying with him. He has managed to destroy two airline carrier bags in just one show. He enjoys being shown but does not feel that he should be penned up at any time. He loves the attention and the judges enjoy him but he is not very happy about being in cages. He is really quite a little character and believes that he should get attention every waking hour. He has proved to us that he is definitely Luna’s son as he has many of his mother’s attention getting characteristics. If you ever get to visiting our home, you should ask to meet Logan so you too can fall in love with him as we have.