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Here is the space we have for available rescue Devon Rexes, other purebred rescues, and domestic cats. They range from young kittens to "old timers." They are all looking for that special forever home.

As our index page states, we have just done a large Devon Rex rescue and are desperately looking for homes for these special Devons. In addition to the Devons, we have Baby. Baby has been a rescue with us for a long time. She is a Siamese looking for a new family. Please contact us if you would like to know more about these special kids.

Contact Kathy or Kayla at

Devon Rescues

Here are just a few of the Devon Rex that have come as a group in a large rescue. Their "mommy" can no longer look after them because she has become very ill. Thor, Licum, Bug, and Black Jack were part of the group that was rescued. If you would like more information on these wonderful Devons in need (again, they aren't all listed on our site - we have others that we can send pictures of), or if you are interested in giving one of these Devons a forever home, please contact us.

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