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The Retired Devons

This section features our Devons that have been "retired". Retired here just means not in our breeding program. Some of the cats you'll find here have never been bred and some are our foundation cats. This section is a place to honour them.




Snow Moon Rising of Devon Joi


DOB - May 13, 2004
Sire: Lilac Hill's Stan The Man
Dam: Bandarbo Queen Misha Of Sirrexalot

Luna was a long awaited birthday present for Kayla. She has personality galore. She flew in from North Carolina and was bred by Cynthia Wood of Sirrexalot Cattery. She is a real doll has settled in very nicely with the rest of the family, although she does think she is the most important princess. Kayla still maintains that she was well worth the wait because she is perfect. She began her show career in October 2004 and she took to it right away, enjoying the fact that she was the centre of attention; however, she didn't enjoy being a "mommy" as much and, after having her last baby in 2008, has decided to retire to a true princess lifestyle of being worshipped and waited on hand and foot.

Champion Devon Joi's Kodak Moment


DOB - October 2, 1998
Sire: Champion Charming Sunkist Harmony
Dam: Devon Joi's Hakuna Matata

Kodak has a serious heart condition and received medication daily. Kodak was not expected to live this long nor to be as healthy as she is. Kodak is well adjusted and very loving. Because of Kodak's health problem she has remained in our household and we are as dedicated to her as she is to us.

Grand Champion Devon Joi's Kenya Remember


1995 - 2008
Sire: Devon Joi's Bit O Magic
Dam: Devon Joi's Tri IV Color

Kenya was born in our house and there was a lot of excitement when she was born as she was the first chocolate Devon we had. The only problem was the Kayla could not remember her name. So we decided to name her Kenya Remember. It worked! She quickly became one of the beautiful babies in our house and enjoyed the show circuit. She had one litter of kittens, but had complications and was later spayed. She was a happy girl, playing with kittens and being a good big sister when necessary. We lost Kenya in the fall of 2008 and she will always be missed

Devon Joi's Lil Belle


DOB - September 30, 1997
Sire: Devon Joi's Bit-O-Magic
Dam: Devon Joi's Color Surprise

Belle is a very pretty silver tabby who now lives with her son in a very good home. She is loved greatly and enjoys her life. Her new "parents" own a pet store and she occassionally visits there. It is a great life for a wonderful lady who gave us some beautiful babies before she was spayed and adopted.

Grand Champion Devon Joi's Spit'N Fire


DOB - October 2, 1998
Sire: Champion Charming Sunkist Harmony
Dam: Devon Joi's Hakuna Matata

Spit is great fun and loves people. She is a super mom to all of her kittens. We have taken Spit to many malls for different exhibits for the public and she thoroughly enjoys the attention. We have a problem with it though in that we have to change her name every time we take her. It is very hard for people to understand that a pretty little red cat with curly coat and great personality is called "Spit". We have had to call her a lot of "cute" names. She got the name of Spit N Fire because as a small kitten she would just spit at us every time we spoke to her or picked her up. We figured it was the red hair that caused the bossiness in her. She is really a little love.

Spit has recently been awarded the ACFA certification of Legacy of Excellence. We are so very proud of her as this means that at least five of her offspring have achieved Grand Champion status in the show ring. We would like to sincerely thank the following people:

Gillian Huber - who is owned by Devon Joi's Reflective Prism
Tim Murphy and Joyce Irwin - who are owned by Devon Joi's Fireside Piper
Melissa and Josh Bachynski - who are owned by Devon Joi's Spit N Image

for their diligence and devotion in showing each of Spit's babies to their Grand Championship allowing Spit to receive the honoured award of Legacy of Excellence. Spit is now retired from our breeding program although she continues to enjoy being shown and is now receiving further Regional awards in the Alter Class. Spit is a delight to have in our family and we are extremely proud of her offspring and of the wonderful homes where they are loved and cherished.


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