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Here is the space we have for available retired Devon Rex. These cats range from younger cats to "old timers" that have been in our breeding program, were kept back but never bred. If you are looking for a Devon Rex, considering a retiree may be a good option for you. Older cats are past their crazy kitten stage and are, generally, calmer. Often people are looking for two cats, and considering a pair of retirees that are already bonded or a retiree with a kitten (having an older cat often helps the younger kitten learn "the rules" quicker) is a great option. All the retirees on this page are already neutered. They are all looking for that special forever home.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about these special kids.

Contact Kathy or Kayla at


Grand Champion Devon Joi's II Part Harmony



Mocha is a Devon Rex Hybrid. This means she has an American Shorthair somewhere back in her pedigree but she is registered as a Devon Rex. She has a normal looking coat not the usual curly coat of the Devon Rex but it does not shed very much. She is a very funny girl and she loves kittens and other cats. She brings toys to kittens and will call them over to play. She likes carting toys around the house. Mocha is very entertaining and really a lot of fun to have around.

Rexarecats Adam Junior of Devonjoi


We would like to thank Bruce and Sandy for this wonderful little guy. He is playful and loving but is also an occasional "trouble maker". Like most adolescent boys he chases and annoys the girls. He produced some lovely kittens and is now looking for a home that will treat him like the king he is and give him lots of love.

Grand Champion Devon Joi's II Part Harmony


DOB - September 13, 2003
Sire: Grand Champion Devon Joi's The Real McCoy
Dam: Grand Champion Devon Joi's Spit'N Fire

Tooey was named after his grandfather Harmony because he looks a lot like him and he has some of those "loving" personality traits of both his grandfather and his dad. He is the first male cat in the house that has taken to bonding greatly with Kayla. After producing some truly wonderful kittens, Tooey is looking for an extremely loving and affectionate home where he can get all the cuddling and loving he wants.

Devon Joi’s P Parker


DOB - May 24, 2007
Sire: Bodacious A.J. of Devon Joi
Dam: Devon Joi's Sweet Promise

Spidee (called that because he thought he could climb straight up walls when he was a baby) is our newest stud male. He is very sweet by nature and he loves everybody. He like to hang out with the dogs a lot and yet has plenty of spare time for his fellow felines. He is fun to be around and takes every opportunity to help Kathy make her bed in the morning. If he misses that ritual it throws off his whole day!

Chantilly Lace

DOB - March 21, 2009
Sire: Rexarecats Adam Junior of Devonjoi
Dam: Mocha of Devonjoi

Mocha and A.J. decided to surprise us with some sweet babies. Chanti is a straight-coated kitten left from that litter (Chanti also asks that you forgive her startled appearance in this photo - she was not ready for a close up). This lovely little girl is still looking for her forever homes where she will be spoiled and loved. She is a darling cat; quite loving and beautiful in person.

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