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The Rest

What can we say.... "The rest" are just that, the rest of our family that aren't Devons or Sphynx. Here we've included some of our American Shorthairs that we've used in our Devon program, some other breeds that share our lives as altered show cats and then the special "house hold pet" cats. They are all important in our lives and needed a section of their own.

Takhlakh's Little John of Devon Joi

"Little John"

DOB - July 15, 1999
Sire: Grand Champion Trenier's Spencer Tracy of Takhlakh (Spencer)
Dam: Rose Blossom of Takhlakh
Breed: American Shorthair
Breeder: Donna Sorensen

He is now retired and lives with us. He thinks he is the boss!

Royal HHP Ms. Lacey Jane of Nana's House


DOB - August 30, 2001
Breed: Household pet

Lacey enjoyed being shown only because she has her own "Barbee Princess Bed". Other exhibitors began to refer to her as "The Princess" because of it. She has a very outgoing and demanding personality at home but finds it a little boring in the show hall. Lacey was a birthday present for Kayla a couple of years ago and was an SPCA adoptee.

Royal HHP Maduza of Nana's House


DOB - June 25, 2002
Breed: Household pet

Maduza was also adopted from the SPCA via a local store. Kayla fell in love with her at first site - must be a white coloured cat thing! Maduza loves children and kittens and toys. She will play for hours with toys and is very independent. Heaven help you at bedtime though if you wiggle your toes!

Grand Champion Stewart Mt Firemoose


DOB - July 15, 1999
Sire: Steward Mt. Lazandra
Dam: Stewart Mt. Fireball
Breed: Abyssinian
Breeders: Karen and Richard Haard

Moose came to us as a bit older Aby with a lot of his habits already seeded in him. He is an absolute love with Kayla but he also is very opinionated. He believes as most Aby's do that his way is the best and only way! He is a Grand Champion in spite of his "attitude" in the show ring. He tries to intimidate all of the judges by growling and hissing and carrying on, but has never reacted and most of the judges realized that he was just bluffing. He loved to think that he had "won" in his battle with a judge or had "frightened" them into putting him back. He loves attention though and would usually give in to being shown if he received a "treat" when he went back into his cage. Kayla refers to him as "the Brat".

Royal HHP Little Miss Magoo of Nana's House


DOB - May 1, 2003
Breed: Household pet

Miss Magoo is jointly registered with a Granddaughter named Rylee. She enjoys being shown at cat shows and does well. She absolutely loves toys and often tries to steal them from Maduza. She demands a lot of attention and helps you read the paper every morning. She came to us as a rescue found in a dumpster at not more than a couple of days old. Kayla fed her by syringe for a while until she was adopted by a nursing Sphynx mom. She was about 2 weeks younger than the Sphynx kittens but she held her own with them.

Hu-King's Fox Hunter


Hunter is Kayla's new Maine Coon. He loves to play and interact with the rest of the family but is much quieter about it all, although he is the "talker". He is most vocal at times when he knows it is feeding and never misses a meal. He loves to sleep with Kayla but thinks that she might be a little slow in getting up in the morning and he might miss breakfast so he becomes rather insistant every morning that she get up once he hears any activity in the kitchen.



DOB - May 7th 2005
Sire: Quad Grand Champion Island Joi's Rai Sins Lyk Dad

Isis is one of the last of our Sphynx breeding. She is cute and cuddly and will be shown as Kayla's alter girl. She is extremely easy going and cute gets her everywhere. No need to say please - her look gets it all. She will soon be starting her show career.



DOB - May 7th 2005
Sire: Quad Grand Champion Island Joi's Rai Sins Lyk Dad

Tanner is another trouble maker. How did we get so lucky! He was destined to stay. After all AJ did need an accomplice. Tanner is also one of the last of his line. He is also Isis' brother and will be altered to compete with his sister. Kathy figured a little competition in the family would not hurt!

The Dogs

"Mardi, Potion, and Lily"

We share our home with other critters or should I say characters! They are dogs really - two Shelties, a Mix, and a "Pocket" (see Pocket's info below). Mardi likes to curl up with the kittens and cats. And we all live happily all together.

And another dog...


Pocket was born April 9, 2007. Eleven days later his mom got very ill and could no longer feed him or his 4 other siblings. They were brought to be to bottle feed because their owner did not have the time or ability to do all the feeding as she was working full time and had just moved back into the area. The puppies were dehydrated when they arrived but soon started to do well. Pocket aspirated on some formula and got pneumonia making him very sick. He was put on antibiotics and luckily recovered. Pocket and Kayla developed such a bond that they just could not be separated. Pocket became "the payment" from the original owner for all the work in saving these puppies.

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